One Tuff Muvva

Hi!  My name is Amy Steele and I am a Senior Designer for online greetings card retailer, Funky Pigeon and the face behind online platform ‘One Tuff Muvva.’ I decided to launch One Tuff Muvva after suffering with severe post-natal depression after the birth of my daughter Maddie (now 3) I had spearheaded 2 successful mental health campaigns through my role at Funky Pigeon but I felt the time had come to create a platform that was completely separate.  I wanted to create a platform that gave people hope and made them feel good whilst acknowledging the seriousness of mental ill health.  I wanted it to be as interactive as possible and for people to feel as if they could reach out to me if needed.  After nearly losing my life to this horrible illness, I wanted to create a safe space for others going through similar experiences.  A place to share awareness and experience as well as hope and positivity.

Through my platform, I create illustrations and quotes for my grid of things that have helped or resonated with me in the past and try and accompany these with something personal/helpful in the captions.  I only ever post when I feel that I have something important or helpful to share and I really don’t have a clue (or care!) about algorithms etc!  If one of my posts can help just one person then I feel that it has served it’s purpose.  My stories are filled with more of my personal life ie. Funny things that my daughter has said/done etc.  I hope that by posting these kind of stories, I can give hope to women who may be suffering that they too, can share the same bond with their child despite how they may feel right now.  I also have a website with free resources such as the Mental Health Toolkit for people to download and a shop with little gifts that I have designed to make it easier to send a small gift to someone who may be struggling.

The Care Package Project

I really wanted to do something a bit more personal for new mums who may be experiencing mental ill health so I decided to launch The Bluebell Care Package Project.Each month I aim to raise at least £60 to fund 12 care packages for the amazing ladies that attend Bluebell Place.  People are able to donate money via a dedicated GoFundMe page or purchase a package directly from my website which also enables the person buying to write a little note to go in the package.  The latter has been the most popular choice to date and I have been very moved by the messages that have come through.

Each package contains a pack of affirmation cards, a postcard, a face mask, some tea and sweet treat but some months may vary depending on the donations we receive from small businesses.  We have had some very generous donations so far including some beautiful, handstitched cards, some beauty vouchers and some very cute ‘button buddies!’

The care packages are available to buy on my website now and there is a space for you to write them a little note of encouragement. I know that a gesture like this from a stranger would of made me feel less alone and put a smile on my face during a dark time. Once you have purchased a package and written your note, I will pack it up and send it to Bluebell and you can bask in that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you have more than likely made someone’s day a little brighter!

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